Saakpenwa is the headquarters of Tai Local Government Area. It is a subset of a larger community called Botem Tai. The origin of Saakpenwa can be traced to the early 1940’s, when districts were put in place to help native colonial administration. As a result the inhabitants became the new elitist class made up of Native Court administrative staff, officers of native authority, court clerks, warrant officers, police officers and dispensary staff that catered to the health needs of the people.

The disappearance of the colonial administrative infrastructure after the independence of Nigeria affected the development of the community.
However, things started changing for the town with the decentralization policy of the Chief Melford Okilo’s administration. Saakpenwa became the district headquarters of Tai/Asa/Ndoki district. It later became the headquarters following the creation of Tai Local Government Area in 1989.

From then. Saakpenwa which was more like a virgin settlement started attracting full government presence and development.
Several public infrastructure projects, including the local government headquarters buildings, Primary and secondary schools, health centers  and  a police station now adorn the town. Beyond this, Saakpenwa is an agrarian  community as it is blessed with vast expanse of arable land. Consequently, subsistent agriculture remains the major occupation of the native population. Indeed, the agricultural potential of the area is such that if commercially harnessed, the community can become a major hub in the production of banana, cassava,yam, cocoa yam, pepper, pineapple and  vegetable.

Aeriel View of Some Part of Saakpenwa