Constituted by eight sub-settlements, Rumuodomaya is one of the eight (8) communities in Oro-Evo Clan and the first in the famed Evo Kingdom in Obio/Akpor Local Government fondly called the gateway to the Treasure Base of the Nation based on its strategic location and Economic contributions in Rivers State.

Geographically, Rumuodomaya is bonded in the north by Rukpokwu, in the east by Eliogbolo/Rukpokwulusi, in the west by Rumuagholu and in the south by Rumuigbo. A semi-urban community. Rumuodomaya is fast developing into a model modern settlement.

Following the creation of Obio/Akpor Local Government Area, Rumuodomaya became the headquarters of the Local Government Area on May 3rd, 1989. Since then, the community has grown to become one of the important towns in both the Local Government Areas and the State.
Apart from several state field offices, including the head office of the state’s Agricultural Development Programme,¬† Rumuodomaya¬† also hosts some Federal Government’s Institutions. Apart from being accessible from different directions, the community is further surrounded by several reputable private and public educational and health institutions, including the military barrack. Also with a population of over a hundred thousand people, Rumuodomaya community is highly cosmopolitan just as rapid urbanization has transformed the area into one of the major centers of commercial activities in the State.

Generally, the community is peaceful and the people are friendly and accommodating which accounts for the daily influx of people into the community and its neighborhoods for business, religious and residential purposes.

Aeriel View of some part of Rumuodamaya