Okehi is a town in Etche Local Government Area of Rivers State. In 1964, Okehi became the headquarters of the defunct Etche County Council. It later became the headquarters of Etche Local Government Area, following the split of Ikwerre-Etche Local Government Area into two.When Etche Local Government Area was subsequently split into Omuma and Etche Local Government Areas, Okehi still remained the administrative headquarters of Etche Local Government Area as well as the traditional Capital of the Etche ethnic nationality.

There are government offices, educational institutions and medical facilities, including a general hospital, as well as water and  police stations in the community. Apart from the General hospital, Government is also constructing a zonal referral hospital in the town, to address the tertiary healthcare needs of the area and  its environs. The town can be accessed by road from Port Harcourt at one route and Owerri at another direction. The community is also linked by roads to other parts of Etche and  Omuma Local Government Area of the state.

Farming, hunting and  trading are the major occupations of the people. The area is popular as the breadbasket of Rivers State with yam,  cassava, plantain, banana, vegetables and palm products being cultivated in large quantities. Networked by a number of roads leading to other parts of the State and the country, Okehi is fast becoming a major destination for commercial activities for commuters.

Aerial view of Okehi