Ogu town is reputed to be the second largest town among the wakirike Be se communities of the Okrika-Ijaw ethnic nationality of Rivers State. The town is about 45minutes drive from Port Harcourt and also accessible both by sea and  by land. In 1987, Ogu town was designated as an urban area. In 1996, it became the headquarters of Ogu/Bolo Local Government Area.

Visitors always find Ogu very fascinating. The town is clean with well-paved roads. Educational and  health infrastructures, especially at the primary and  secondary levels are also available and accessible. The Rivers State Government has just built the Ogu model secondary school to enhance access and quality eduction. Subsistence fishing, farming and  trading are some of economic activities of the people.
However, Ogu is also an oil-bearing community with functional oil wells. The community’s close location to the State’s industrial and maritime zones also presents economic opportunities for the community and the entire Rivers State.

Aerial view of Ogu