Ngo town is the headquarters of Andoni Local Government Council of Rivers State created in 1991. It is situated on one of the four major island of the Andoni people. Some other communities on the island easily accessible from Ngo  are; Unyeangala, Agana, Egwede, Ayamboko, Agwut-Obolo,Illotombi, Ekede, Ikuru town  and Oyorokoto.

Like every other local government headquarters, Ngo town is experiencing some transformation with basic public amenities like primary and  secondary schools, a general hospital, a police station, modern council secretariat, a jetty modern houses and worship places. Fishing remains the major occupation in Ngo as the people continue to dominate the local fishing industry of the coastal waters of the Niger Delta. Besides fishing, trading and the local government service also provide employment opportunities for the people.

Generally, Ngo town is peaceful and the people are hospitable. Christianity is the dominant religion although basic traditions and customs are still observed under the custodianship and guardians of the first class traditional ruler, the Okan-Ama of Ngo of Ngo land.

From a small settlement, Ngo is gradually developing into a major town i Rivers State with a lot of tourist potential begging for development. Besides being the sanctuary to the African elephants colony and varied wildlife in the dense forest area, the people of Ngo also have several exciting cultural displays that are mostly staged in August and the end of year periods. Some of these cultural  displays include; Mgbegbemgbe, Nwaotam, Ofiokpo and  Uke.

Aerial view of Ngo from the jetty