Nchia town is the headquarters of Eleme Local Government Area of Rivers State. It is also one of the two clans of the Eleme speaking people. The other clan is Odido. As a cluster of communities, Nchiais made up  of the following communities; Ogale, which is the seat of the Local Government’s administration, Aleto and Agbonnchia.

Nchia-Eleme is an industrial hub in Rivers State. Two national petroleum-refining companies, the Indorama (Eleme) Petrochemical Company and the Notere Fertilizer Company are all located in and around Nchia communities. The Onne Oil and Gas Free Zone with several service companies, the Integrated Logistics Services Limited (Intels), and the Onne Sea Port are all located within the Local Government Area.

Government’s development amenities are also visible in the community. There are primary and secondary schools, hospitals, police stations, a magistrate court, a high court, tarred roads and public water. Farming is the traditional occupation of the people, although still at subsistence levels. The companies located in the area also provide employment and other economic opportunities for the people.
The increasing economic and commercial opportunities have attracted the influx of people from different parts of the country into the area leading to increasing urbanization of the area.

There is religious freedom in the area, although Christianity remains dominant. Apart from the economic opportunities that abound, the Eleme people are also rich in culture and tradition, most of which are touristic value. The people are highly accommodating , peaceful and hardworking. Apart from Port Harcourt, Eleme has emerged as the next frontier of strategic economic investments in Rivers State.

Aerial view of Nchia