Kpor community is a small town that is located at the center of Gokana, and is bordered by Bera, Bodo city, Kegbara Dere and Mogho communities.
Kpor’s rise stared as far back as 1927 when it started hosting government establishments such as, a customary court, a dispensary and a police station. In 1989, Kpor was named the headquarters of the newly created Gokana Local Government Area.

Like many other communities in Rivers State, Kpor people are basically Christians although traditional worship institutions like the Amanikpo society is also still in practice. Traditional administration is well organized around the local chiefs council, which is headed by the paramount ruler of the community, the Gbene Bienwa Karamene.

Economically, the community is blessed with vast Crude oil and gas reserves and arable landmass. It also hosts a PPMC pipeline as well as SDPC major export pipeline Agriculture; especially farming is the major occupation of the people, although some people are into trading and other related manual jobs. The community has modern primary and secondary school, as well as customary court, Kpor  community is also noted for her warm hospitality and  high touristic value as a small, exciting and  promising town.

Aerial view of Kpor