Founded in the 16th century,Isiokpo has evolved from the small settlement into becoming one of the important Ikwerre communities in Rivers State with modern infrastructure and a magistracy that extended upto Owerri in Imo State under the defunct Eastern regional government. The people’s early contact with the British Colonialists, led to the establishment of the first primary schoolat Nkarahia, Isiokpo in 1900. Today Isiokpo town is the headquarters of Ikwerre Local government Area.

Isiokpo is socially accomodating, culturally rich and commercially vibrant. Blessed with a very fertile land and rich coastline, the people are established farmers, hunters, fishermen, traders, professionals and businessmen. Although traditional religion is still practiced,Christianity remains the dominant religion. Today, Isiokpo has become cosmopolitan with successful indigenous entrepreneurs, professionals and development projects. Above all, Isiokpo community is relatively peaceful and brimming with great potentials in agriculture and commerce, which investors can take advantage of.

Aerial view of Isiokpo from the International Airport, Omagwa