Emuoha town, is a homogeneous cluster of connected settlements of the Ikwerre speaking ethnic nationality of Rivers State comprising Rumuche, Rumuakunde, Oduoha, Mgbuitanwo, Isiodu and Elibrada. It is geographically one of the largest Local Government Areas of Rivers State and also serves as Local Government headquarters located along the famous East-West road of the Niger Delta in Nigeria. A major agricultural production center, most of its settlements are located on the banks and fringes of the River New Calabar.

It grew as a largely traditional rural settlement in the defunct Ahoada Division of the Rivers Province of the 1940’s up to Nigeria’s Independence and it was made a Town Council in 1974 before becoming a Local Government  Council Area Headquarters in 1989.

Emuoha is in the heartland of Rivers State and traverses a large geographical territory with the vegetation zones of the high rainforest,large tracks of the swamp forest dovetailing into the fringes of the mangroves forest on its southern borders with Asari-Toru, Degema  and Abua/Odual Local Government Areas of the state. It is well drained with lots of lush green vegetation and rich biodiversity. It is so centrally located that one can hardly traverse from the west to the eastern parts as well as from the northern to the southern ends of the state without connecting Emuoha Town. As an important community,Emuoha is full of potentialities including satelite facilities for the Greater Port Harcourt City development. The forest everglades along the River New Calabar overlooking the Choba University town apparently beacon on tourism investors  and real estate speculators to grab for massive development.

Aerial view of Emuoha