Degema town is one of the old administrative headquarters in Nigeria. The area was first designated a district in the Eastern province along with Aba, Ahoada, Bende, Bonny,Brass, Okigwe, Orlu, Owerri, Opobo and Afikpo. It later became one of the six administrative divisions in Owerri province in 1931. When Rivers province was created out of the Owerri province in 1947, Degema again, became one of the five administrative divisions.The rest were Port Harcourt, Ahoada,Brass and Ogoni. In 1959,Degema, yet again became the administrative headquarters of the Degema province, which was created alongside Port Harcourt and Yenagoa provinces in the defunct Eastern region.

Following the creation of Local Government Areas, Degema became the headquarters of the old Degema Local Government A, which comprised of the present Akuku-Toru and Asari-Toru Local Government Areas.

Degema town is relatively developed with Police Barracks, High Court, the Native Court,Prisons, General Hospitals, Post Office, a Zonal Secretariat Complex, a mini Stadium, among other public Infrastructure. The Chief Nyesom Wike’s Administration is constructing¬† a regional Hospital in the community. Although a riverine community, Degema town is linked to Abonnema, Buguma and Port Harcourt by road.

Degema Local Government Area is rich in oil, gas and other mineral resources. Fishing and farming are the major occupation of the people although the numerous public institutions also provide public service job opportunities in the area. The several water bodies including the numerous rivers, creeks, mangrove swamps and extensive beaches in the area are waiting  to be effectively harnessed to advance the development of the local government area

Aerial View of Degema from the Bank of Sombreiro River