Bori is the second largest city in Rivers State. It doubles as the headquarters of Khana Local Government Area, as well as the traditional capital of the Ogoni people.

Located at about 100 kilometers from Port Harcourt, Bori is cosmopolitan and home to one of the most diverse population settlements.

The burgeoning status of Bori as the commercial center of the Rivers South East Senatorial District continues to induce the influx of people from other ethnic nationalities into the city.

Bori has a broad and diverse economic base in fishing, farming, oil and gas and transportation.
Agricultural products such as yams, garri, corn, coco-yam, plantain, palmoil, fishes and vegetables are produced in commercial quantities and sold in the Bori main market.

Bori is also a city of culture and education. it has the famous Birabi Memorial Grammar  School(BMGH) and the Kenule Beeson Saro-Wiwa Polytechnic, among other educational institutions.

Linear View of Bori Town