Akinima town is located in the west bank of River Orashi in Ahoada West Local Government Area and one of the prominent towns in the area. Akinima people belong to the Egenni ethnic nationality and trace their origin to the Old Benin Empire from the 9th Century migration. By virtue of it’s location, Akinima served as a major traffic route for early European explorers, missionaries, and traders to the hinterlands during the slave and legitimate trades era.
Over the years Akinima has developed into one of the towns strategic to the economy of Rivers State. The community is blessed with vast oil and gas resources, which is being exploited by the Nigeria Agip Oil Company. Land is also available in large quantities. As a result, farming and fishing are the major traditional occupations in the area. The unique culture and traditions of the people and vegetation also make Akinima very attractive to tourists.
The people are friendly, peaceful and accomodating. Christainity is the dominant religion and practice.

Public Infrastructure is relatively available, although some require upgrading. There are primary and secondary schools, a primary health center, crafts development center, a Magistrate court, a Customary Court, the Local Government Headquarters as well as an INEC office building and a police station.
There are also a civic center built by the Nigeria Agip Oil Company,a few tarred roads  and a market. However, the community lacks steady power supply, while a public housing and two water projects started years ago are yet to be completed. Bye  and large, Akinima is a jewel in the Orashi region of Rivers State beckoning for development attention from the Local, State and Federal Governments.

Aerial view of  Akinima