Ahoada (Ahuda, Ehuda) is a city located north west of Port Harcourt, Rivers State by all consideration, Ahoada is an important city in Rivers State.

It is the headquarters of Ahoada East Local Government Area, the traditional capital of Ekpeye people who inhabit both Ahoada East and Ahoada West Local Government Areas,as well as the administrative headquarters of the Orashi region.

Ahoada is densely populated with a vast land area for commercial agricultural ventures. Highly accessible, the city is about 50 minutes drive from Port Harcourt and 30 minutes to the Port Harcourt International Airport.

Ahoada city is host to several State and Federal Government offices, including the federal Government Technical College, a post office, the Ahoada Prisons, Secondary Schools, general hospital and a State High Court.

Farming and Fishing are the traditional occupation of the people, although trade and commerce also thrive in the city’s main market.

Aerial View of Ahoada Town from the East-West Road