Full womanhood outfit of Grand Bonny

KALABARI IRIA: Iria simply means confinement (a traditional rituals maidens attain puberty). The Aji lutricate cap is decorated with feathers, beads, small mirrors and other ornaments. It is worn by the Iriabos of Alapus during Iria traditional dance festival by the Kalabari people of Rivers State. The

The female on Bower Hat is called small Iria usually dressed during burials and traditional marriages.

In the Kalabari region/Kingdom. IRIA formally celebrated periods of transition in the female life cycle from late childhood to childbirth. Only two stages of IRIA now survive , “bite sara and iriabo”. Sometimes used to show or reflect the prestige of a deceased’s family with their elegant appearance.


Ogoni Maidens: Wabogo (ogoni) the main objective of this ceremony is to include chastity on the part of girls until they are duly licensed through this ceremony for marriage.

Egerebite Opobo Dressing

Egerebite Opobo Dressing

Iria Ngiapu

Attire Of The Kalabari

Bonny/Opobo Chieftaincy wear

The chief mourner of any deceased,dressed in this special ceremonial robe known as ATTIGTA also in chieftaincy installation

The male attire mainly worn by first sons they are the only ones permitted to tie their wrapper (George) with opening at the center.

Sekiapu for men who are respected. These men govern the town alongside the Amanyanabo (King) in the Kalabari towns of Rivers State.

Male Outfit-Woko


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